What's Inside?

Every month you are guaranteed to receive sea moss, loose leaf tea, and a gardening tool to help utilize our handcrafted picks. The flavor will change each month without compromising the unique health benefits each item gives.

Natural health delivered

The Garden Box delivers all natural body support without inconveniencing your daily schedule. 


 Sea moss has an endless list of health benefits. Human consumption studies have proven that it promotes digestive regularity, regular thyroid function, and boosts immune function. Sea moss also has the capabilities to help fight free radicals.  Menstrual cycles, the central, and peripheral nervous system function begin to become regular after daily consumption. Improving metabolism, circulation, and promotion of healthy sexual function all begin to happen because sea moss is loaded with 92 minerals out of the 102 the body needs. God created this herb for us to consume to have an alkaline body. Sea moss will allow you to achieve an alkaline body.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much sea moss should be consumed daily?

 Sea moss can be taken daily or every other day. If you are already eating a plant-based diet, you are already getting lots of the essential nutrients, so every other day tablespoon of sea moss is ideal. If your diet is anything other than plant-base one tablespoon a day is suggested. 

How much tea should be put inside of the infuser?

One teaspoon of tea can be put inside of the infuser into an 8oz glass of hot water

How should chlorophyll  be consumed?

Drop one full dropper into your favorite drink. Up to 2 full droppers if looking for more green intake. Kid friendly. 

How long can sea moss be kept?

 Sea moss is to be kept in the refrigerator and last between 4-5 weeks.